TitleGram - Important Message from JW Baldock - Final Order & More!

Greetings All!

I hope that you are having a GREAT Wednesday! In an effort to keep our members informed, I wanted to bring to several matters to your attention.

  1. The Final Order from the 2021 Biennial Rate Hearing was filed yesterday. The final order includes the agreed upon rate decrease of six percent (-6%) to the premium rates with no change to the current premium split of 80/20, which will become effective as of July 1, 2022. The order also includes the corrected Forms and Rates table. A copy of the Final Order is attached for your review.
  2. Plans for the 2022 NMLTA Convention May 11 & 12 are being finalized and registration for the convention will be available on the NMLTA website soon. The convention well be held at the Isleta Resort and Casino and a link for reserving your hotel reservations is currently available on the NMLTA website. As a I reminder, the NMLTA has a block of rooms available but the deadline to reserve your room expires on April 11, 2022, so please make your room reservations as soon as possible.
  3. During the convention, we plan to present the “P. C. Templeton Award”, “Omer F. Tucker – Citizen of the Year – Award”, “Professional Excellence Award for Title/Abstract” and “Professional Excellence Award for Escrow”. Qualifications for these awards as well as nomination forms will be sent out by separate Title Blast. Please be looking for this upcoming Title Blast and get those nominations turned in! 

I hope that everyone is doing well, and I wish each of you a GREAT end of the Month!

Wishing you the best!


J. W. Baldock