Compliance Requirements and License Renewal:

After you pass your test and obtain your license, you will be in compliance with licensing requirements for a 2-year period. The underwriter(s) represented by your company wll need to appoint you as an authorized signatory for policies, endorsements, closing documents, etc.  During the current compliance period you are in, be aware that you will need to earn Continuing Education hours to meet the requirements for the following 2-year compliance period.

To renew your Agent License, visit Scroll down to the "Licensing Center" section and click on "Renew an Existing License"

Follow the promts to complete the required information and pay for your license renewal.  As part of being a licensed title agent, you are required to maintain the effectiveness of your license, and be aware of any important compliance dates that are approaching so you can be ready to renew your license in a timely manner.  

You can check the current status of your license, and see a transcript of courses for which you have received CE credit, by following this link: