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NMLTA and its members are committed to protecting the American Dream of home ownership. Title insurance provides peace of mind to homeowners. mortgage lenders and borrowers alike by defending against claims or attacks on property ownership or lien priority.  Since 1927 the NMLTA has protected New Mexico consumers in real estate transactions, and will continue to do so through our dedicated members.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and preserve the highest professional and ethical standards, education and knowledge, and experience and expertise of the land title industry for the benefit and protection of all industry consumers.

Our Vision

The vision of the New Mexico Land Title Association is to provide, equip and enable the escrow and title services provided by our members to achieve the active and diligent goals of:
  1. Insuring and preserving the American Dream of home ownership;
  2. Protecting all parties to real estate transactions (Sellers and Purchasers, Lenders and Borrowers) by impartial and honest settlement practices;
  3. Upgrading the educational level and professional standards and maintaining high ethical standards within the land title industry;
  4. Effectively and efficiently closing land transactions pursuant to the terms of the purchase agreement and closing instructions; and,
  5. Promoting and sustaining the land title industry for future years.
Who We Are
Our members are title insurance agents and underwriters who employ and educate professionals knowledgable in land titles and closing real estate transactions. Agents are licensed and required to maintain that license with continuing education throughout their careers.
What We Do
We represent our members in advocating for our businesses and our industry by participating in regular hearings before the OSI on title insurance rates, rules and forms. We engage legal counsel, actuarial and economic experts, and strive to make New Mexico a fair marketplace for both consumers and our industry.

Through our political action committee we monitor the legislation being propsed each year at the Roundhouse, and actively oppose or support the bills that have a direct impact on our members and our industry. We are constantly advocating for a strong real estate economy and a robust business environment.