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About the Company:

Gallup Title Company formerly known as G & P Inc., has been serving McKinley County since 1931. The original company was Mid-Valley Abstract founded by Ira Sprecher in the 1930s.  It was not until 1978 that Philip Garcia would come work for the company.  He and his wife Lyneve Garcia and their partners George and Wilma Taira purchased the company in 1996.  Philip was with Gallup Title from 1978 until his passing in 2015.  George and Wilma Taira then sold their interests to Lyneve Garcia, making her the sole owner of Gallup Title. 


Gallup Title Company had been located in the same building since its founding by Ira Sprecher.  The building had endured several additions and outlasted the morgue next door that burned down in the 1970s.  After utilizing every last space available and pushing the dated facilities to the edge, Phil decided it was time for a new building.  In 1997, Phil and local Attorney, Robert Rosebrough, purchased the vacant lot adjacent to our building.  Plans for a remodel were put on hold as there were rumors of the county condemning all the property on the block we were located in, to make way for a drainage ditch, courthouse addition, and a new Courthouse Square.  The County later announced our properties would not be condemned.  Phil’s dream of a new Gallup Title Company building began forming, and in 2006, they became a reality.  Gallup Title Company’s new location/building was now open for business.


We are a small office, but, our staff has many combined years of experience!

We have a great staff that takes pride in their profession.  They are dedicated in providing the most timely, accurate, professional service.

You can read more about us on our website:  www.galluptitle.com.