MEMBER ALERT - Feedback Request from Rules Update Subcommittee

Greetings NMLTA Members! The Rules Update Subcommittee of the Rules, Rates and Forms Committee would like to solicit your feedback on rules updates/revisions. Below is a SurveyMonkey® link in which you can provide feedback on the rules:

(Also attached is a current listing of proposed updates/revisions.)

We kindly ask that you utilize the above link to provide feedback (so that we don’t miss anything) and that you provide your comments no later than end of business on Friday, June 17th, 2022.

Once we have gathered your feedback, it will be presented to the Rules, Rates and Forms Committee as a whole for further presentation to the Board. Thank you for providing your valuable time and expertise to this project.

Denise Trujillo, Co-Chair – Rules Update Subcommittee

Scott Florez, Co-Chair – Rules Update Subcommittee

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