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New Mexico Legislature Begins Its Thirty-Day Run
It’s that time of year again.  The New Mexico Legislature convened Tuesday at noon in Santa Fe for a ‘short’ session.  Our legislators will be considering budget related issues as well as anything else the Governor wants to put on the agenda (also known as ‘the call’).  As we have for over 85 years, NMLTA will once again be monitoring the antics at the Roundhouse and reporting on anything of interest to our industry.

Typically, in even-year budget focused sessions, we won’t see many title insurance related bills and this year will probably be no different.  We’ve been monitoring the pre-filed bills since early December, and have not yet identified any bills with title industry implications.  Even if we see such a bill introduced, it doesn’t mean that it will be approved as ‘germane’.  In short legislative sessions, although any legislator may introduce a bill, the Governor must approve most non-budget related legislation before it can move forward for debate.

As always, we will keep everyone updated on what is happening in Santa Fe.  You can find a list of insurance related bills on our website that is updated daily.  If you are signed up for NMLTA blast emails, then you will also receive weekly updates that we will post, as well. 

Although we will focus on title related issues, we will also be reporting on legislation that could affect the business community at large.  We expect to see a number of tax reform measures, as well as the usual litany of ‘wedge’ issues that take up so much of the debate time.  Education reform, criminal penalties, minimum wage changes, and ‘right to work’ measures are always a possibility.

As the process plays out, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.   You can email our Executive Director, Thom Turbett, who will be spending a great deal of time in Santa Fe coordinating efforts with our long-time lobbyists, Tom & Larry Horan.


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